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Hi there,

If you’re reading this, it’s probably because your betting profits have slowed, plateaued, or perhaps you were never making any decent money to begin with...

So now you’re looking for a change; some way to turn your luck around, to boost your betting bank and to make a nice chunk of change during these uncertain times.

Well, I have exactly what you’re looking for.

With my precise method, you can bet like an industry pro with daily tips that are based upon the most up to date and top secret insider information.

  And with said bets, you can easily make upwards of £10,000 per month from horse racing.

And it doesn’t matter who you are; whether you’re a student, full time employed, retired, a seasoned punter or you’re completely new to betting, as absolutely anyone can make killing with daily horse racing selections from Insider Infiltration.

In just a few clicks, you will be in receipt of daily tips that will see you £2,500 better off THIS WEEK!

And let’s be honest – it’s about time you had an extra few grand regularly topping up your bank account…

Pay your bills, wipe your debts, treat yourself to a few luxuries… You could even splash out on a new car!

And while you’re at it, why not quit your day job?

  There’s no point in slaving away for some ungrateful boss when you’re earning six figures annually, with ease, from just 10 minutes of betting each morning!!

But before we go any further, let me be straight with you for a moment…

I am not your usual tipster.

I’m not about to tell you that I’m some math genius who’s come up with an incredible algorithm, nor am I claiming to be some retired jockey, former trainer or big industry king pin.

What I am, is an opportunist.

When I see a chance to make money, I go for it. And who can blame me for that?

My name’s Paul, I’m for the West Midlands and I’ve always had ‘the gift of the gab’.

As a kid, I was liked by everyone at school. I could move from group to group seamlessly, and I could always convince the other kids to do what I wanted them to. Every scenario on the playground would play out in my favour.

And as I got older, I put my people skills to better use – making money and picking up girls!

I could charm just about every person I met.

I made great tips as a barman, excellent commissions as a door to door salesman, and I even made a sizable chunk of change playing poker with anyone brave enough to challenge me.

But after a while, I decided that I needed to aim higher, much higher.
And that’s when I turned my attention to horse racing.

Growing up, my father loved the nags. He wasn’t a professional punter, but he’d head over to our local race track most Saturdays, and on occasion, I’d join him. That’s when I began to realise just how much money there is in horse racing... And I wanted a piece of that action. 

When I was in my mid-twenties, I began to devise a plan. I wanted to infiltrate one of the innermost circles of the equestrian industry, and find out how the hot shots really make their money.

I did my research, identified who the key players were and I dug into their backgrounds. I made mental notes of what they liked, didn’t like, and prepared to mould my persona accordingly.

Eventually, one sunny afternoon in Autumn, I made my first moves. Introducing myself as a friend of a friend of someone important, saying I was new in town.

With my charm and charisma, I wormed my way in easily. It was almost laughable.

I had infiltrated the insiders.

Fast forward two years and I’ve been invited to no end of private dinner parties, I’ve been on a ‘lads’ holiday to Prague with a famous jockey and a few other industry pros, and I’m even the godfather to a horse breeder’s son!

But the craziest part of all is, I can’t stand a one of them!

I hate the snobbery, the pretentiousness and the way they scoff at the poor.

And it turns out, the whole system is rigged. They’re all in each other’s back pockets and make racing as profitable for their own tight-knit group as possible. To hell with the average punter!

Who cares if you’re behind on rent when Geoffrey wants a new Porsche?

  Frequently, races are fixed. And because of this, I know the outcome of a race way ahead of time, and can therefore place my bets accordingly.

With just the tipoffs I overheard in that circles, I was able to make an average of £2,500 from horse racing, every single week!

And by doing no more than spending 10 minutes on my phone. I could do that in the back of an Uber, or even before I got out of bed!

It was so easy, it was almost unbelievable.

It felt like playing the lottery when I already knew the numbers.

  It was like printing money!!

For months I splashed out, buying clothes, gadgets and a new car. And I moved out of my small flat and into my dream house!

But eventually the parties, the women and the flashy things I bought, all came to feel shallow. And worst of all, I’D BECOME ONE OF THEM.

I was using my position of newly found power to make a fortune, while the average punter was losing his hard earned wages, playing a game that was fixed against him!

And so, I decided to do what was right.

That’s when I created Insider Infiltration.
A tipping service that would level the playing fields for the average Joe Blogs.

I want YOU to have the same incredible opportunity to make money from horse racing as I have.

Growing up, my dad squandered away our savings at the bookies. And his losing streak eventually cost him his marriage, and ruined my childhood. 

If only he’d have known then what I know now.

I don’t want you to repeat the mistakes of every other punter out there who’s betting blind.

  And so from today I am going to send you the daily bets that cannot lose!

I still move in those insider circles. I get ALL of the most up to date race information. I know which races are fixed and which horses are going to win, at least 85% of the time.

  And so, if you actually want to make some serious money from betting, you need to sign up to Insider Infiltration right now and see for yourself just how beneficial an insider advantage can be.

"I always had my suspicions that horse racing was fixed, now this proves it. Finally, after years of disappointment, my win rate has more than quadrupled with Paul's tips. Cheers mate"

Gaz Parker, Nottingham.


“I’ve wasted my time and money on no end of nonsense systems and so called tipping services over the years and I am thrilled to have finally found one that actually pays off! I’ve made £4,667 in the past two weeks alone!! Thanks Paul”

Denise Ward, Grimsby.


“Excellent service! I’ve been following Simon’s advice to the letter for two months and I’ve made over £20k! I’m absolutely chuffed! That’s the car and summer holiday sorted. Insider Infiltration gets a 10/10 from me”

Mike Bell, London.

And now YOU can try Insider Infiltration yourself for the unbelievably low price of just £26.99

That price is an incredible bargain for tips that are based upon
TOP SECRET insider information.

Tips that will see you £120,000 better off this year!!
You’d have to be MAD to pass up an offer like this…


Only £26.99 and NO Repeat Payments
60 Day Money Back Guarantee

AND your purchase will be protected by a 60 Day Satisfaction Guarantee.

So you have absolutely nothing to lose.

This is a 100% risk free transaction
  However, since this is entirely new territory for me, I'm only going to be taking on a handful of new members at this time, so as not to overwhelm myself.

And so, if you would like to join me and make £10k this month and every month from here on out, all you have to do is sign up on this page right now, and we can get started.

Hesitation could mean losing your place to another more eager punter.

  I know you’ve been seeking an opportunity to turn your luck around and NOW is the time to act!

You deserve this.

Do it NOW.

And trust me, I won’t let you down.

Best regards,


Only £26.99 and NO Repeat Payments

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